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Commercial Asphalt Paving Oakham MA

Parking Lot Asphalt Paving and Resurfacing

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As a business owner, you appreciate a job well done. So when you’re looking for someone to handle your commercial asphalt paving Oakham MA, you need the right team. Cassidy Corp. is exactly the team you’re looking for. No matter what kind of commercial asphalt paving in Oakham MA you need done, we are the right people to handle it.

If you own or manage a commercial property in Oakham MA, Cassidy Corp Asphalt Paving can help eliminate the headaches you probably get having to deal with your parking lots and pedestrian walkways. From small pothole repairs and yearly maintenance plans, to full scale parking lot installation projects, Cassidy Corp has the experienced and dedicated team and customized solutions to assist you & your company with your commercial, industrial, or municipal asphalt paving projects.

Professional Commercial Asphalt Paving Oakham MA Can Improve Property Safety

Property Safety: Keeping your facilities safe for everyone.

When an asphalt parking lot begins to deteriorate, it might begin as a small crack or pothole. Deteriorated asphalt surfaces can pose a trip hazard and can create a condition where pedestrians are at risk of falling and injuring themselves. When a prospective customer first pulls into your parking lot, the condition of the asphalt is the “first impression” of what your facilities has to offer. If a driver has a hard time getting around in your pothole ridden parking lot, it might be just enough for them to leave your facility and bring their business (and money) to a better maintained site. A poorly maintained asphalt parking lot or pedestrian walkway is a safety hazard and could cost you legal fees, lost business, poor reviews, or increased insurance premiums if an injury occurs to a visitor on your site. Cassidy Corp has experienced project estimators who can assist you in review the condition of your commercial property and customizing a detailed maintenance plan to help deal with safety issues in you asphalt parking lot or along your pedestrian walkways.

Expert Commercial Asphalt Paving Oakham MA Makes Maintenance Easier

Ease of Maintenance: A new asphalt parking lot can help to improve snow & ice maintenance efficiencies.

Cassidy Corp offers professional snow and ice maintenance over the winter months. As a snow & ice maintenance contractor, we can confirm first-hand that poorly maintained asphalt parking lots and pedestrian walkways end up costing commercial property owners and managers more money in winter maintenance costs than well maintained asphalt surfaces. For one, asphalt surfaces with major potholes or cracks have an uneven surface profile, so the plows and snow pushers are less effective at removing snow and ice from the asphalt and concrete surfaces. This lost efficiency in plow clearance also requires snow and ice maintenance contractors to utilize more de-icing treatment materials to remove the “snow-pack” left behind in the crevices of the deteriorated asphalt surface. Consequently, poorly maintained asphalt surfaces make snow and ice removal much more difficult and leave your commercial site more prone to icy and unsafe conditions in the winter months. Given our expertise in Asphalt Paving and Snow & Ice Maintenance, Cassidy Corp is uniquely positioned to help property owners and managers recognize trouble areas in asphalt parking lots and pedestrian walkways and tailor solutions to help improve the ease of maintenance, resulting in safer conditions at your facility year-round.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Oakham MA Will Improve Your Properties Appearance

Curb Appeal & Property Value: Will your facility be chosen by prospective tenants?

Based on feedback from our commercial asphalt paving clients, the desire for curb appeal & increase property value are given as two of the top reasons that commercial property owners and managers continually reach out to Cassidy Corp for our asphalt parking lot paving knowledge and ability to tailor solutions to each client. When prospective tenants are looking at your commercial real-estate property, the decision making process is often extensive and includes numerous factors unique to each tenant. However, a common theme and major influencing factor in the decision making process is the physical conditions, aesthetics, feel of the property under consideration, and the rental/leasing budget available. Cassidy Corp Asphalt Paving can help you create a welcoming experience for your prospective tenants with our asphalt service offerings, including asphalt parking lot paving and asphalt walkway paving.

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Commercial Asphalt Paving Oakham MA
Commercial Asphalt Paving Oakham MA