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Our minds are on COMMERCIAL snow REMOVAL so yours doesn’t have to be
As anyone who has lived in New England can tell you we are extremely vulnerable to severe winter storms. A winter storm of any size can lead to havoc for businesses and property managers. Winter storms must be dealt with immediately and in a proper manner. Ever hour that passes is another hour that can lead to lost revenue and potential law suits.

Cassidy Corp. has proven that we can weather the longest storms like the largest in Boston’s history in February of 2003. We can do this through great leadership, positive and professional attitude and an unparalleled level of confidence no matter how deep the snow gets.


  • Cassidy Corp. is a proud member of SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association)
  • 24/7/365 on call staff
  • Hired meteorology services for fast updates and somewhat reliable forecasts
  • Walk every inch of every site, marking curbs, fire hydrants, fixed hazards and most importantly mapping out traffic patterns to make sure your sites stay operational no matter how fast the snow falls
  • A full line of over 15 pieces of equipment (owned & subbed) to tackle any storm
  • 48 hour invoicing after storm
  • Fully insured for snow & ice liability for your peace of mind and ours
  • Stock pile fuel & salt so its always readily available
  • We use only 100% salt so there is no sand clean up, saving loads of money come spring. This also provides better product during and after a storm

Cassidy Corp. Commercial and Industrial Snow Plowing and Snow Removing contracts are flexible and scalable to meet your needs.

PER SEASON: This is one set price no matter how much snow or ice fall paid over 4 months or 12 months
PER STORM: This is one set price no matter how much snow or ice fall during that event
PER PUSH: This is price range based on the amount of snow that falls during that one event

Commercial Snow Removal
Residential Driveway Paving
Residential Driveway Paving
Residential Driveway Paving
Residential Driveway Paving

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